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November 26, 2013
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WoN: 'Elysium' by Ambrosias WoN: 'Elysium' by Ambrosias
I'm so happy this is done. ;^; Elysium why you so hard to work with??

Anyway! This is an app for this amazing gig called World of Numbers! Everyone should join! *^*

Name: "Elysium"; it's not her real name, but the name she now goes by.
Alliance: Vesia
Weapon: Multiple knives; as if she never runs out.
Number: 4
Level: 1
Path: Evil; although it may sometimes look as if she's neutral. But don't let that fool you.

Gender: Female
Age: 14-16; her age is a complete secret, she'll even tease about it.
Birthday: February 14.
Height: 150 CM
Weight: 45 KG
Quote: "As they say about us sharks; it's not the ones you see you have to worry about. It's the ones you don't see."
Status: Single

Personality: To put it lightly, Elysium is a calculating, devious, and near genius individual. She's manipulative in her own ways, and enjoys the games she can weave with the tips of her fingers. She doesn't stop with petty games, but takes them to a whole different level, wanting to test and see how far she can control an individual through their emotions and actions.

In all honestly, she's a walking paradox who loves nothing more than to tease and taunt her victims into making decisions that may not be to their benefit.

While at times she can come off as childish, one could even identify her as a sociopath. However, she's not so black and white. She's conflicting that can give away certain disorders and tendencies, but other methods that can contradict what says and does. All in all, she's playing the world like it's her own personal game and everyone is her tools to dispose of.

Generally, Elysium keeps to the shadows or acts the part of a puppeteer, stringing her fingers into causing mayhem and watching what her actions cause and or destroy.

It's even said that her nature could be considered a dangerous ability. While most often she wont tell you to do something, but if one were to ever find themselves at a crossroad of indecision or feeling a sense of "lost", it would be the better interest to not have her around to make that decision.

History: Born to a seemingly normal family, with a loving mother and father, Elysium went through the stages of life as any other child. It was around ten that she began to feel different and odd, that she wanted more from life than the usual cut style she was used to. She began to yearn for something more, and play the devil.

The longer she longed for something a little more devious, more challenging, the more she began to look more into the number on her body she was born with. She began to control that blood weapon, challenging herself to use it, to multiply the simple knife. The more she began to web her fingers into this weapon, the more her lifestyle changed, and the more she began to warp herself. 

While at one time she had been average, now she had become calculating and devious, turning harmless pranks into something far more dangerous.

It started slow, Elysium learning the ins and outs of this society, learning everything she could about the Alliances, and making sure she was something to be feared; not for her skills with her weapon, but for her devious nature. She wanted a reputation for herself, for her own alliance, and she wanted that powerful fear at her fingertips.

Likes: playing her games; spicy treats; money; history
Dislikes: sushi; any other alliance that isn't vesia; her past history

Additional Information: There's a rumor out that the bandages she wears, along with her left eye, are parts where she cuts herself to drag out so many multiple knives. Whether it's true or not, is unexplained. (aka; I haven't decided whoops.)

Most information regarding her is only known with her Alliance; most anyone else would know would be her fake name of "Elysium". She also personally picked out the name Elysium as a play-on of the Elysian Fields, which was known in Ancient Greek to be the concept of the after-life that was initially separated from the realm of Hades.

Like most in the Vesia Alliance, Elysium is known for her fast and speedy abilities. She's also gone on to master Hapkido, a Korean martial art that specializes in self-defense. Her main interest in learning the technique was it's unique part with the use of pressure points.

She makes a living off of coming up with tactical plans. For the right price, she may give away some free information or come up with a battle strategy.

tl;dr this brat is crazy and should be avoided. unless you're in the Vesia Alliance.

Elysium (c) Ambrosias
Texture (c) Heymeca
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Gabby-Jolie-Watson Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gabby-Jolie-Watson Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Paka-kun Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow!Your oc seems to be just the perfect challenge Yozora has been looking for!She is great! Awesome work!! Can't wait to meet you! ;)
Thank you! c:

Haha I'm glad she'll be a challenge for Yozora! *^*
mangagurlsmiles Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah she is one epic OC and shes so "evilly cute" X3
Atremis will have a fun time with her
Aww thank you! c:

Artemis and Elysium will have a great time together! *^*
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